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Petergofskie Dialogi (Peterhof Dialogues) is a non-governmental, voluntary, self- governing, non-profit organization.

The goals of the organization are the following:

  • to broaden the horizons and enhance the knowledge about other countries;
  • to promote this knowledge among Peterhof citizens;
  • to organize their leisure activities;
  • to establish and maintain friendly relations with similar organizations and individuals in other countries.

To achieve these goals the organization sets the following objectives:

  • to assist its members in studying foreign languages;
  • to realize the program of cultural co-operation with public organizations in Russia and abroad;
  • to study various aspects of historical connections between St Petersburg and European organizations.

Partnership without bounds

The goal of Petergofskie Dialogi members is to foster mutual understanding and cooperation among people of different countries.

Petergofskie Dialogi maintain contacts with similar organizations and like-minded individuals in Russia and abroad.

On 11 June 2002, Peterhof citizens together with the Summer Academy participants from Bad Homburg planted young limes in Friendship Alley to celebrate the town’s birthday. During the celebration of Peterhof’s 300th anniversary the delegations from Peterhof’s twin cities – Bad Homburg, Göttingen, Le Blanc-Mesnil, and Sopot – continued planting trees in Friendship Alley. Friendship has indeed struck deep root.

Our friendship has been connecting citizens of Peterhof & Bad Homburg for ten years. Studying the language, knowledge of each other culture stimulate people to make contacts with «native speakers» for correspondence, contact & co-measures.

The citizens of Peterhof and Bad Homburg have been friends for over 25 years. Learning each other’s languages and cultures helps to make new friends and facilitates common projects.

In 2003 the towns of Lomonosov and Oberursel signed the agreement on the establishment of twin towns relations. Similar to Peterhof and Lomonosov, Oberursel and Bad Homburg are neighboring towns. The organization for twin towns relations in Lomonosov is called Кalinkа. Its motto is “Friendship between towns is the friendship of their citizens”.